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Lantern Online

We are delighted to bring you our exciting digital programme, a series of new monologues and short pieces directly to you through our YouTube Channel.

Our mission has always been to create, develop and nurture skills and creativity through opportunities and high-quality performance. Our doors might be closed for now, but we’re bringing these videos to you because The Lantern and our members know the importance for remaining creative. 

We began to rehearse, produce and film work remotely (each following Government guidelines at the time it was made) as a way to reconnect with our community. We have been a place to come together for many years, but never before have we had to close our doors. Making these films will help us survive. We will be one of the worst-hit charities and one of the last to get back on its feet. We want to make sure there is still a Lantern for everyone to come back to and enjoy. 

You can help us. If you're watching our online programme and think, “I’ve really enjoyed that”, please consider a donation of whatever you can afford, as that would be really welcomed and vital for us as a small charity. The Lantern and Dilys Guite Players would be massively appreciative of any help our supporters can give.

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Three For A Girl

Our Most Recent Upload

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Thank You

Our digital programme is kindly supported by South Yorkshire's Community Foundation (SYCF):

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