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The Dilys Guite Players (DGP) aim to give all people something positive to do and encourage them to develop new skills and interests.  We believe that talent is all around but opportunity is often not. So we pride ourselves on offering unique benefits that many theatres often don’t, and give more expansive approaches to theatre that inspires our community to value themselves, to think big and to believe in succeeding.

We invite talented writers or individuals to submit their wonderful entries, which we can then build our festivals and digital programmes around, and provide a fantastic opportunity for people to see your work performed on stage or through YouTube.


Our New Writing events are performed annually. We welcome pieces that:

  • Are no longer than twenty minutes or ten pages in length (one A4 page is roughly one minute of stage time)

  • Have no more than eight performers in the piece, but characters can be doubled up if needed

  • Have no set changes

  • Use minimal props and costumes



We are open to writing on all subject matters; however, where possible, suitability for all audiences is preferred. We do look to create a varied production, so as a guideline please consider the following categories:

  1. Free choice

  2. Our Planet, Their Future

  3. Sheffield: Our City History

  4. Under 18’s Writers: Something Out There

To submit your work, please see the note below.

Entry for New Writing: The Shorts (2024) has now closed. Keep an eye out for the next submission period. Any entries received now will be automatically considered next time.

New Writing Festival: Arts Education

How do I send you my work?

Guidelines and Important Notes

We accept submissions throughout the year and each time we begin to plan a festival, we look at all the new working we’ve received plus those we weren’t able to perform in the past. Click here to through the guidelines before entering a piece. When you’re ready, email it to us at the address shown on the guidelines page

New Writing Festival: Text
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