Helpful Information


What's changed since the COVID-19 lockdowns?

We've made a lot of changes since reopening. We want everyone to feel safe and to enjoy their visit to the Lantern. 

Although the government has removed all the legal regulations, each venue still has different requirements to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and we all share that responsibility. 

Our COVID-19 procedures will always be changing in reaction to the latest guidelines and may not be the same as other venues you visit. Every theatre and arena is different and this means we can't all operate with the same measures. 

You can find our most up to date measures on our website, it's under Welcome Back on the menu. We'll also let ticket holders know, before they come to an event, of any changes we make.

We ask that everyone be kind to others when visiting as we're all at different stages of our journey to feeling comfortable being out again. We also don't know what other people's requirements are, so please give everyone the space to move around the venue and the time to do that. 

Where is the theatre?

The theatre is located at 18 Kenwood Park Road, Sheffield, S7 1NF in the heart of beautiful Nether Edge. It's on the corner of Kenwood Park Road and Priory Road with the main gate situated on Kenwood Park Road.

What are the box office times?

The box office is available online 24/7 through TicketSource. They also take telephone bookings on 0333 663366. They do charge an additional £1.80 fee for bookings by telephone.

The box office at the theatre is only open on production nights and closes at the start of the show (which is usually 7:30 PM).

What are the different seating areas?

We have stalls seats which are on the ground floor and a balcony that is accessible via a staircase. The staircase is quite steep.

Do I need to pick up my tickets?

No. We no longer issue tickets at the theatre. You can print your tickets at home if you are able to. Alternatively, you can select a mobile ticket at the checkout (this carries an additional 50p fee) or if you've forgotten them, just give your name to the front of house team and they can find you on our booking list. Postal tickets are available through TicketSource but carry a further fee for processing.

How can I find out when tickets go on sale?

Our social media pages have announcements as soon as tickets are available (@thelanternsheff) and we have a monthly newsletter. You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of our home page.

Why are tickets different prices?

Ticket prices vary depending on the touring or production company.

For in-house productions, these vary based on various factors. These include, but are not limited to, licencing fees, script costs, equipment hire, and additional costumes. We also have different prices relating to concessions and for members. 

We also reserve the right to offer tickets at different prices relating to promotional events or flash sales.

Why do I have to pay a booking fee?

TicketSource provides our box office software and 24-hour access and the maintenance that goes with it. The fees they charge go towards, but are limited to, their IT, infrastructure, website and national box office phone booking centre and staff salaries. 

Without the additional fees, we would need to increase the face value of ticket prices further as the charity would have to stand the full price of the fees associated with running a box office system, which is very costly. 

In-house we charge the same booking fee, which supports the IT costs and equipment needed to run a theatre box office.

Can I return my ticket for a refund if I am unable to make the show?

We cannot offer refunds on tickets once purchased unless the performance is cancelled.

What time does the venue open?

The café/bar opens an hour before the performance time. The auditorium doors are usually opened ten minutes before the performance begins but this can vary.

During the current COVID situation, the auditorium will be open much earlier than usual. We ask you to take your seats early as the bar seating has been removed as part of our COVID safety measures. 

We will be bringing furniture back to the bar in the future.

What time does the show end?

This varies depending on the production. Where possible we will post this information via our social media pages when a show is on. 

The bar is usually open after the show has finished for audiences to stay and, when possible, chat with the cast and creatives.

Is there a bar?

There is a bar that opens one hour before the performance. It serves various alcoholic and soft drinks along with tea, coffee, hot chocolate and confectionery. Our ales are from local suppliers, and we serve Sheffield's own Our Cow Molly's ice cream. 

Glass is not permitted inside the auditorium, but tumblers made from 100% compostable materials are available at the bar and from the front of house volunteers.

There is currently no seating in the bar. 

Drinks may be purchased and enjoyed at your seats or taken outside into the car park. 

Do you have accessible facilities?

We do have a wheelchair space which, if available, can be booked by emailing the box office at the venue directly at boxoffice@lanterntheatre.org.uk. Please provide us with the production you're interested in and a contact telephone number so we can get back to you.

The accessible space is located on the back row slightly offset from the seating in front of it. We also have an accessible restroom. 

Are children permitted in the theatre?

Children are welcome to enjoy the show. Tickets are required for children attending a production. Some performances may carry age guidance; however, we are not always advised of age suitability by touring productions. We suggest that children under 14 years attend the theatre with a responsible adult. Venue staff and volunteers accept no responsibility for any unaccompanied children under the age of 18.

Is there anywhere to eat before the show?

The closest venue would be The Stag's Head pub on Psalter Lane. We are also not far from London Road and Eccleshall Road; both areas have a variety of restaurants, cafés and bars.

Do you have a car park?

We have a very small car park, but plenty of free on-street parking is available around the venue. Please make sure you are not blocking driveways as we are in a residential neighbourhood.

Do you allow pets into the theatre?

Pets are not allowed into the venue during performances.

When the property is open during the day, we may allow pets into the building during a tour. This will depend on what the building is being used for / the work being carried out on the day.

Can I hire the venue?

Unfortunately, the Lantern is not usually available for hire, except for a few dates available for humanist wedding ceremonies. 

The Lantern is the home of the Dilys Guite Players, a community theatre charity, owners of the venue and the heart of the theatre. The DGP perform throughout the year and rehearse on-site, meaning there are very few dates available to offer external hires. Additionally, we do not have the volunteer hours available to support productions outside of our own as it’s a lot of work.

We do have some longstanding relationships with local and touring groups that we have made over time. They require limited or no support from our volunteers and are factored into our schedule each year at planning.

We wish you luck in finding an appropriate venue.