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The Art of Improv

Discover the Magic of Spontaneous Theatre

At The Lantern, we're always excited to bring new and engaging opportunities to our community. One of the most dynamic and exhilarating forms of theatre is improv. But what exactly is improv, and why is it such a powerful tool for creativity and personal growth?

Understanding Improv

Improvisational theatre, commonly known as improv, is a performance art where most, if not all, of what is performed is created in the moment. Unlike traditional theatre, there are no scripts or predetermined plots. Instead, performers rely on their instincts, creativity, and the audience's energy to craft spontaneous and often hilarious scenes.

The magic of improv lies in its unpredictability. Each performance is unique, driven by the performers' ability to think on their feet and collaborate with their fellow actors. The unpredictable nature of improv makes it a joy to watch and a thrill to participate in.

So what will happen at this workshop?

Great question! The workshop is brought to you by Two Idiots Improv, and you can expect one main thing: fun. Idiot like fun. They'll also teach you the basic building blocks of improvisation (specifically longer form - narrative-based improvisation) and encourage you to engage with your inner clown. The workshops are built upon their three idiot-proof principles:

  • Learning through collaboration (yes and...)

  • Learning in a relaxed and accepting space (improvising doesn't have to be scary!)

  • Learning through gameplay and story

So, if you're looking to improve your acting skills, dip your toe into comedy or simply try something new, this is for you!

Experience Improv at The Lantern

At The Lantern, we're dedicated to the transformative power of the arts. Improv, with its focus on creativity, collaboration, and fun, perfectly aligns with our mission to educate and inspire through theatre. The upcoming improv workshop is designed to introduce participants to the fundamentals of this exciting art form in a warm, supportive, and engaging environment, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and encouraged to participate.

Led by Matt Cavendish, this workshop will guide you through the basics of improv, helping you develop your skills and confidence. You'll participate in various exercises that will have you laughing, thinking, and creating in new ways.

Whether you're a seasoned performer looking to refine your skills or a complete beginner intrigued by the world of improv, this workshop offers a welcoming space for everyone. Come join us at The Lantern and discover the joy of spontaneous theatre, knowing that your presence and participation are valued and appreciated.

For more information and to book your spot, click the button.

We can't wait to see you there and share the magic of improv with you!

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Let's keep the creativity flowing together!

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