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Updated: Sep 11, 2021

As you know, your theatre had to shut its doors back in March 2020. Being closed without any income has been incredibly difficult, and at times very worrying that we might not have a community theatre to come back to.

But we’re delighted to bring you good news! We have survived!

Throughout the lockdown the charity Board have been busy working hard to secure the theatre’s future for members and audiences, and to keep the historical importance of the building thriving for many more years.

You’ll know there aren't many theatres quite like us. Our intimate and atmospheric space is often the reason people fall in love with the venue. However, that also makes it hard to open our doors to a full house. And although we are not quite able to reopen right now, we’ve begun our own journey to recovery, ready for our big relaunch this autumn.

We've been using the difficult time of closure to make some positive changes. You might have already seen our new branding and website! As the restrictions begin to slowly ease, and more changes likely in the coming weeks, we’re also making exciting improvements to our front-of-house, so we can welcome you back with a bang!

We know that the decisions we make today, to secure our future, are critical to the long-term success of this important building – but we cannot do it without your help!

Taking inspiration from Dilys Guite, who with very little resources had the hard work and determination of friends to help her restore the theatre, we’re asking you to support us if you can by giving the gift of time.

Supporting our renovations will be an integral part to the Lantern-going experience. You’ll play a central role in helping us move forward – not only by helping us create a fresh, new (and safer) front-of-house – but these changes are critical to our long-term success in bringing in income to support the future of The Lantern.

We’re breathing life into that future. But we can’t do it without volunteers! For many years our members and supporters have remained at the heart of the theatre. Help us get the sense of community back quicker by giving your time.

If you can help volunteer some time, please let us know by completing the volunteer form and we'll be in touch. As well as these renovations we're getting the venue and grounds ready too. So any time you can spare would be greatly appreciated.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you prefer to donate, we value any support you can give to help us make these safer and exciting changes.

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