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Backstage at The Lantern

Afterplay and The Bear

During the early rehearsals of The Bear, the actors have been working hard discussing and exploring their characters. Each actor has shared a few initial thoughts.

Ada plays the character ‘Elena’ and is enjoying the shift in the relationship between her and Smirnov, the unwelcome visitor who quickly shatters the peace. Ada is drawing on other types of grief to help to pierce the facade of Elena’s grief as a young widow.

Nigel plays Luka, who is always protective of Elena. Luka might not be able to protect Elena physically but makes up for it verbally, being a constant support for her when the imposing and somewhat intimidating Smirnoff appears! Nigel is enjoying exploring Luka’s humorous and gently comedic nature.

Alex plays Smirnov, the larger-than-life visitor who quickly makes their presence known. Alex is enjoying taking on the character of Smirnov with his determination to achieve his intention. Why is he there, and what is he determined to achieve? Book your tickets soon to find out more!

Come and join us between the 21st to 25th of March to find out how the plot unfolds.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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