18 Kenwood Park Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S7 1NF​

Box Office: 0114 255 1776 / TicketSource: 0333 666 3366*

* TicketSource telephone booking fees apply (£1.75) 

You can use the donate button to contribute to our roof fund. 

All donations are made to The Dilys Guite Players Limited (Registered Number: 594927), a community theatre group and a registered charity (Registered Number: 222587) - Kenwood Park Road, Sheffield, S7 1NF

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Open on show nights: 

6:30pm - 11:00pm

(box office 6:30pm to 7:30pm)

At all other times, click the Whats On page for tickets.

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More information: What types of information we collect

Ticketing Data


When you buy a ticket (or tickets) through our online box office, you will actually be making the purchase through a company called TicketSource. They have a separate privacy policy which you can read on their website. TicketSource will ask for your name, address details, email, contact number and payment card details. This will be used by our box office team should you need further information relating to your purchase.

You may, of course, purchase tickets in person at the theatre without supplying any personal data. We use the same system, TicketSource, but are able to give you a paper ticket meaning we don't have to put your personal details into TicketSource's system. If you pay by credit card we will process your card information using a card machine provided by WorldPay.

If you call our box office at the venue we will need your address information and payment card details to complete the booking as this will be asked for by our card machine.


Please be assured that we do not share your personal details with any other company.

When you buy your tickets you also have the opportunity to sign up to our mailing lists. In these instances TicketSource will send your name and email address to MailChimp who deliver our e-newsletters.


When you register to become a member of the Dilys Guite Players, Front Row, DGP Youth or as a volunteer, you will be making the registration through WebCollect. They have a separate privacy policy which you can read on their website. WebCollect will ask for your name, address details, email and contact numbers. In addition, we have created forms relating to each type of membership to better understand how you would like to be involved with the Dilys Guite Players. 


There are additional questions when registering for the DGP Youth Group and this helps us to keep the members of that group safe when attending classes. Parents and guardians of a child under 16, who they think may be register as members, now or in the past, may contact us to request access to and deletion of that child's personal data. We will, of course, ask you to prove your relationship to the chid before discussing any data with you.

WebCollect accept two payment methods when purchasing a paid membership online. These are processed through PayPal and GoCardless, depending on the method you select. If you become a member in person at the theatre, you can also choose to pay by card and that will be processed by WorldPay.

Auditions, New Writing Submissions, Theatre Hire and Surveys

We use Google Forms to collect personal information in all these instances. This is part of the G-Suite for Nonprofits service and is a cloud based facility that we use for all our email and office administration. We collect your name and contact details plus information relating to your event (if you are hiring the theatre). These forms will only be kept for the duration of the production/event.

New Writing Submissions are collected through our website and you will upload your entries to DropBox. These will also be transferred after uploading to our G-Suite service.

When you hire the theatre for an event we will invoice you using a system called invoicely. We will use your name, address and contact details in order to create an invoice for the event and email it to you directly from their service. These invoices are kept online by invoicely and a printed copy is given to our accountants each year for the purpose of producing our end of year financial accounts.

Photography and Video

We may also capture your image in photography or in the video recording of a production or special event. These may be displayed online through Social Media, in our e-newsletters or in future promotional items (such as theatre programmes).

Social Media

When you take part on social media forums (such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) you should be aware of and understand the options provided by those sites regarding how you share your personal data when using them.

Depending on the tools you use on these sites certain personal data may be shared with us (e.g. interests, marital status, gender, user name, photo, comments and content you have posted/shared etc.). We do not actively look for or use this information but we may reply to comments or questions you make to us on social media platforms. 

Card Payments

When you visit our theatre and pay by card at the box office or bar, your card will be securely processed through a company called WorldPay.